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When it rains, it pours. Mounting warranty repairs dulls the enjoyment.

In May of 2015 I purchased my first new vehicle ever. It was an emotional decision. I debated a whole month and fought with myself about it as it was a LOT of money to spend (that really didn't need to, I had a bike already) and I swore I'd never be the one to take the financial hit of new vehicle depreciation. Logic lost. Emotion won.

Issues so far:

1. At 4600 miles it started leaking oil from the left bank timing tensioner. Ended up tightening it myself. Leak abated.


2. At 6000 miles the tail light was replaced under warranty. I had to install it myself.


3. Also at 6000 miles the dealer was informed about the grommet for the hump pad failing. They did not replace it as requested.

4. At 6000 miles the dealership was also informed about a soft spot in the paint of the fuel tank at the 12:00 position on the edge of the fuel cap opening. You can actually push your fingernail into it and leave an indentation. Dealer said BMW would be notified and they would report back. Nothing heard back.

5. At 9,900 miles I noticed the second tail light was doing the same as the original. BMW Motorrad decided they would replace the tail light but "would not cover the labor costs to install it". Tail light posted to me to install myself.

6. At 9,900 miles another soft spot in the fuel tank paint was noted just in front of the rider seat. Appearance and behavior is consistent with the one near the fuel filler and it's in the middle along what would presumably be the longitudinal weld seam for the tank halves as you would see on the "bare" tanks with the weld seam exposed.

7. At 10,580 miles during routine cleaning noted several issues. Exhaust manifold cracked on the weld where the exit of the cat elbows up to the exhaust valve/muffler joints.

8. At 10,580 miles oil mist noted on the underside of the swing arm, traced leak to crimped fitting on end of clutch flex line.

9. At 10,580 miles unknown material spatter pattern noted on inside right of rear rim.

10. At 10,580 miles battery seems weak if bike left sitting for 2 days or more (rarely does). Slowly getting worse as time goes on, In the week prior there were two instances where it was feared it would not start. The starter bogged enough the engine stopped spinning. I had to release the start button and re-apply in order to get it to get enough momentum to keep spinning. Having me worried about being stranded is the last straw.

Waiting now to hear back from the dealership on issues 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

I'm not excited about all of these problems on a bike that I've had for only 2 years. Especially since the issues either seem to not get resolved (3 tail lights so far), are starting to increase in number/time period or are ignored completely (hump grommet and soft paint).

For comparison, my 16 year old Honda didn't need anything near as much in the years I've owned it. When I bought it used the battery that was in it lasted me at least 7 years past the purchase date. I don't know when it was installed. Other than that it's been normal maintenance as per the manual. Oil and tire changes, new chains/sprockets. Normal wear and tear stuff. 36,000+ miles of trouble free service and fun.

It's not cool that BMW Motorrad denied the hours to install the tail light either. It makes me worry that they'll pull similar shenanigans with other issues. It's either that or the dealer "pocketed" the billable warranty hours from BMW and are having me do their work for them. Could you imagine.... "Here are the parts to rebuild your final drive for free, have fun with that!"

The BMW dealership is over 2 hours and 100+ miles away so it's a considerable expense to trailer the bike up there and keep after them to solve the problem. I expect this time around I'll have to drop the bike off and leave it in order to get all of these problems evaluated then fixed. Especially if they're tearing into the final drive. That's going to be two trips.

Not sure what I'm looking for here except sympathies or advice. Debating on getting it fixed, selling it and jumping back on my Honda. I still have it and it's been ignored mostly due to the R nineT being in the stable. I took it off the paddock stands and pulled it out of the garage on Sunday and gave it a good wash, set the tire pressures, cleaned and lubed the chain and cranked her up for a bit and let it idle in the driveway. Man it sounds so good.

Super worried that I'm 2/3'rds the way through my warranty and issues are mounting. Logically if I REALLY wanted a new bike I could have bought something more reliable from a local Japanese dealer for much less. Even if I did have an issue I could drop it off in minutes as opposed to taking a whole day off work to trek up to the BMW dealer.

Le Sigh......


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That is an awful lot of issues for a 2 year old bike, even a BMW. Being that far from your servicing dealer just compounds the misery. I don't know that I can offer any advice, only sympathy. I hope it gets better for you.
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Sorry to hear about all 10 problems.

If that were me I would not trust the bike anymore. That relationship would feel tainted. Might be bitter about BMW overall. But not all our bikes are that way. I think you just got a lemon.

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Ditto on the sympathy. If I were you, I would be furious. Bikes are meant to relieve stress, not compound it. It might be advisable for you to contact BMW directly (cut out the dealer), and itemize your complaints as you have done in this forum. Who knows, they might surprise you with what they offer as compensation. I know there was a gent on here recently who was compensated a whole new bike due to experiencing corrosion on the sump.
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Are you sure you don't have a pr-production bike ?
They should not be sold, but you never know where they finish.
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BMW complaint policy. One. Let the dealer principle have one chance to solve your complaint to your satisfaction. Two. Contact BMW.
I would find out the name of the dealer principle and contact him directly. Politely state the facts and inform him what it would take for him to have you going home satisfied. No more no less. Also let him know that you are calling him as this is the first step in the BMW procedure. I did this when a UK dealer delivered an ex demo bike with 1200 miles on the clock to me when the ads for it had said pre reg with 100 miles! They collected it later that week and dropped me off a bike with 300 miles on but a whole plate newer and free alarm and delivery. He was pretty straight up to be fair. He knew he was wrong, I knew what I wanted and what my next step was and he knew that I knew. Sorted.

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Thanks for the replies and advice.

I'm intending to let the dealer address issues first, starting with the Service Department and if nothing is resolved to satisfaction there, moving on to the General Manager. I've dealt with him before on other things and general chatting and he seems reasonable. Who knows how he'll be when it comes to bottom lines though.....

I considered sending an email to BMW customer service here in the US the other day but thought better of it for now. I do think I'll report the clutch line and tail light issue to the NHTSA as those are serious safety items. Obscured signal light and mineral oil spraying onto the rear tire.... pretty serious issues.

If it is simply an issue of going to the proper dealership I'm geographically located dead center of about 8 BMW Motorrad dealerships in the 108-130 mile range from me and each about the same amount of hours to reach so I have options.

I think if the dealer is the hang up on getting things fixed I can use that as leverage. I also am about due for the 12,000 mile service so I have the option of taking that and future business elsewhere too.

I doubt it's a pre-production bike. Pretty sure that the manufacturers have a self-imposed or a legal requirement to destroy those after a time.

2015 R NineT
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Can't really add to what's been said, but want to wish you well and hope you get the outcome you deserve.

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Sorry to hear of your troubles. $5200 of warranty work on my first BMW, a Last Edition R100RS. Sadly, I bought the first K75S that hit the local dealer. The R100RS was sold by the dealer to a friend of mine who never had a lick of trouble with it. Go figure, machines are fickle things.
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