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  • richrox986 ·
    Hey Dave,

    I've been away from the forum for a while! enjoyed reading your winter mods thread. How is the Motobox tail tidy now you've had it running for a while? would you recommend it?

    Couldn't find any pics of it all done unless I have missed them on the thread?

    Be interested in knowing your thoughts on it now you have installed it and lived with it.

    Zanderk ·
    Hi Dave,

    Just a query that I wouldn't mind your view on.

    I swopped bars to the MA005's which work great except I've had to rotate them back in the clamps quite a way so they come back enough to get my seating position right. I did try the DiMotiv riser but didn't like the feel of weight shifted off the front end.
    My query is that the throttle is now more rotated towards me than I would like so I think I need to drill a new hole in the bar to relocate the throttle. My problem is the dealer did the bar swop for me when it was in for a service so I'm trying to figure out how the throttle is located in one position when the securing torx screw is part of the swtichgear ? Are the two linked i.e switchgear and throttle assay integrally mounted ?

    Really like the look of your bike at the back by the way and may take the plunge over the winter to do the same, it looks really cool for sure.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    SlabKing ·
    Hey Man!
    You have this same carbon fiber hugger right?
    I am looking at the same thing, the wunderkind fender wasn't placed where I wanted it,
    And I am trying to make my R9T a little more street racer looking.
    I got the Tron rear light kit, Puig naked windscreen, imola round mirrors, taking off the
    Passenger frame, and I like the my question is...please check the URL:

    Rear mudguard for BMW R1200R 2011-2014 & RnineT | BMW Motorcycle Accessory Hornig

    What does ESA mean in the description of the hugger, with or without?
    Thanks Bud!
    Deso27 ·
    Hi Dave...
    I wonder if you could help/advise...midlife crisis too many to count..see me at 51...passing DAS last year and picking up R9T this Friday ...can not wait...
    A couple of questions please...
    I have a few additions, heated grips etc...was wondering about Seat Cowl...want to have the occasional ability to take my son on the back - but also love the look of the cowl...does this fit over the box standard seat - or do would I need to remove the seat ( a portion of the seat) when I wanted the cowl? I will ask the dealer - but I was trying to search for "Seat fitting / cowl" on forum but could not find...
    The other one is Disc Lock - I am driving myself crazy over which one I should get - alarmed or not...lots of people have the Xena but when I saw a video the guy literally touched the bike and it went off - wondering would it continually go off in wind etc...
    Any advice ?
    Deso - my own email is [email protected] if that's easier
    25PSi ·
    Well i only had time for one LOL I am planning to go with 2. Maybe?
    Trying to get a bit retro you know, thus retro lights. I will have them painted/powedercoated black though, not gonna be chrome. Just a mock up for now :)

    Thanks for feedback mate.

    25PSi ·

    Check this out, want your opinion. This is totally NOT done LOL and will need to be properly secured and wired but i just threw it on to get general idea of how it can/would look like.

    What do you think? Be honest, i am a big boy.

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