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  • 63601 ·
    What comments are you referring to? I’m trying to ask this forum’s members for an answer to a question the dealers can’t seem to answer with the same info. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.
    Brendan Muldoon ·
    Hi Geoff
    I thought it would be nice to see what other 9T owners use in their shed for repairs, maintenance, tools, layout, shelving, etc. Ive built up my own arsenal over the years, and and would like to see how others go about it..
    Neweight ·
    Hi jigsaw,

    I saw your "CNC Instrument face project" thread and I congratulate you for this beautiful project. I would like to do something similar with a 3D printer. I would like to save some time so that I do not have to disassemble the control panel. Would you agree to provide me with the mechanical drawings of your project?

    See you soon.
    Thank you in advance
    africanjon ·
    Hi Jigsaw,

    my address is,
    3315 St Helena HWY N,
    Saint Helena, CA 94574

    Happy to pay postage, let me know what I owe?

    loftylad ·
    Could you please tell me if you fitted springs or cartridges up front.
    Think l will go with hyerpro shock and springs up front.
    R90S76 ·
    Hey Geoff .. not saw if my 1st message came through.

    Anyhoo yes would like to buy those covers off you .

    My phone is

    0419 372 131

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