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  1. battery drain.. not sure what it is

    @grepet this sounds like 100% pure BS from the dealer, I'm afraid! Yes batteries benefit from being put on a quality trickle charger, but unless you live somewhere chilly and are getting very low temps over a few days the battery should not refuse to start the bike after only 5 days...
  2. Clutch Issues

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Perhaps there is still air in the system? This would cause the clutch not to fully disengage so it would drag. More bleeding of the system might be needed...
  3. Urban GS No longer lurking

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome aboard, mate! :)
  4. Increasing Ride Comfort on an RnineT Classic

    BMW NineT General Discussion Forum
    Cost! Andreani were significantly cheaper plus I did a trawl of the Internet and Andreani always got good reviews. I'm sure Wilbers or other alternatives will be great too but all I can say is that Andreani has turned out to be great value for money as far as I'm concerned.
  5. The time has come

    I'm very happy with my Wilbers 642 rear shock, but I've heard good things about Nitron too. Either will give you a big improvement I'm sure.
  6. The time has come

    And don't you forget it! LOL ;) đŸ˜†
  7. New Urban GS Rider - Lancashire

    New Member Introductions
    Lovely bike, you are welcome here! :)
  8. Just bought one

    BMW NineT Photos
    WOW what a great colour! :) Bike looks fantastic, congrats!
  9. Increasing Ride Comfort on an RnineT Classic

    BMW NineT General Discussion Forum
    1. NO 2. YES 3. NO To expand on "2" - I upgraded the suspension to WIlbers rear shock and replacement Andreani Cartridges up front, both matched to my weight and riding style (moderately sporty). The difference this makes to the bike is nothing short of remarkable. Fantastic value compared to...
  10. Urban G/S alarm location?

    Only if they are specced at the time of order. They are optional. Or were the pastime I looked!
  11. Who Likes No Fender

    Appearance & Body
    Sorry my friend, but not a fan. It’s your bike though so your choice. :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hi, Next ninet user

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome! Quite a difference in the power, but speed isn't everything. Have a test ride of the Pure or Classic and you'll hopefully see what I mean. :)
  13. Close my account

    Community Help
    We can't simply close your account I'm afraid. Short of treating you like a spammer and deleting your account and purging your posts, accounts live on in the forum after members leave. Deleting all your posts would have knock-on effects to the threads you participated in or started, thus...
  14. Halo LED headlight Issues/Recommendations (merged)

    Most of what I've done to my bike can be found in my Modifications thread - If you have super endurance as it is verrrrryyyyy long! To save you some time here's a link to the section that deals with the LED headlight:
  15. BMW RS

    Other Bikes
    I took a test ride on one and it is a great bike. If I could afford to buy another bike in addition to my 9T it would be a RS! @kebo summed it up nicely.
  16. New member Mike9128

    New Member Introductions
    Introductions always go down well here, mate! Thanks for taking the time to say hello and welcome to the forum! :)
  17. Greetings from the Black Forest

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome Alex! :)
  18. What's in a name... I mean a filter (oil)

    Servicing and Maintenance
    Buy the OEM filter. Far better than repairing a seized engine. Yes it's probably overpriced but the price of the filter versus an engine rebuild is a bit of a no-brainer for me. Harder for BMW to argue if you are using genuine parts if you have to make a warranty claim too... At least buy a...
  19. Replaced Odometer and ECU problem

    I'm guessing here so please bear that in mind. I got told that if you buy a used instrument cluster it would have to be synced to the bike's ECU. So I am thinking that's why you got advised to buy the ECU together with the instruments from the donor bike. Now I have a 2014 R nineT, and it has...
  20. Extended warranty (MERGED)

    BMW NineT General Discussion Forum
    I personally didn't think the extended warranty was worth it, but that is just my opinion. On balance I thought the money I'd save by servicing the bike myself, and not going for the warranty price greatly out-weighed the chances of a break down on what was largely a bike fitted with a...
1-20 of 187 Results