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  1. Lets see some Urban G/S's...

    BMW NineT Photos
    I've been busy modifying my 2018 UGS the past few weeks. I think I'm done for now... definitely need to upgrade the rear shock!
  2. Who buys these?

    BMW NineT General Discussion Forum
    1. MALE, 50, UGS, 31 YEARS RIDING 2. MALE, 49, UGS, 14 years riding 3. MALE, 33, Classic, 3 years riding road bikes 4. MALE, 38, Classic, 5 years riding 5. MALE, 51, Classic, 30+ years riding 6. MALE, 40, Classic, 21 years 7. MALE, 56, Classic, 35+ years riding 8. MALE, 28, Pure, 12 years...
  3. Searching Forum using search/advanced search

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    Thanks so much Ed, that worked! genius :D
  4. Searching Forum using search/advanced search

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    I am fairly new to the forum world and this may be a dumb question. I am having difficulty when searching for certain keywords in the forums. i would really like to see forums specifically discussing the Urban G/S; however when I search for those words in the post or in the title, I come up with...
  5. Hiya from Indiana!

    New Member Introductions
    I'm so excited about my new 2018 R nineT Urban G/S! took a test drive and fell in's so much fun! can't wait to ride it to Canada this summer. I have a 2013 F700GS and I thought THAT was a lot of fun. Can't wait to find out how this baby does off road. :D
1-5 of 5 Results