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Hand Protectors from Ali Express
Was lucky to pick it up from a small San Diego dealer, who delivered it to our house. This completes my collection. All my bikes are very nice (to say the least), fun to ride. All four of them have very good handling, agile, comfortable and plenty of power.
2021 model with some 2019 parts (Tank, fender, wheels, SS 2019 single muffler), 350 miles. Wunderlich windshield, swing arm cover, S&W Motech engine guards, center stand, BMW tachometer, rear seat hump, Cycle Gear saddlebags, aluminum oil filler plug, 109 HP
Needed to replace my Kawasaki while in service. Great looking bike, a good substitute for Harley. 865 cc Parallel Twin, 60 HP, rides, handles very good. Added Tachometer.
Provided great transportation to work for 9 years, still running great. Has reasonable mileage (35 mph at average speeds of 75-80 mph on freeway) No problems except for carb clogging after long standing in garage. Was serviced, no oil leaks.
Unique bike; having 2019 tank (white/black) white fender, stock single SS muffler and Aluminum alloy wheels.
"Playing on a rainy day in the slippery clay" Hey a jingle!
1/4 mile in 10.29 sec @140mph... but my insurance says it’s a “cruiser”... 😂😂😂
Also replaced rear turn signals with front turn signals (shorter stems) bought on ebay..
Waterproof simple, white tier markers and a bit of patience can make every tier look special.
Upgrades Horing risers, Daytona and BP.