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Showcase cover image for 2018 BMW R nineT Roadster

General Information

Luis' 2018 Classic
R nine T (0J01)
Storm black
Options: 519 (Heated grips) + 590 (LED indicators) + 603 (Alarm) + 650 (ASC)
Delivered 10 Feb 2018
2018 BMW R nine T (0J01) (Storm black)



BMW brushed aluminium radiator cowlings
BMW brushed aluminium hump
BMW brushed aluminium airbox covers
BMW carbon ignition cover
BMW carbon snorkel cover
BMW carbon throttle body cover
BMW Machined brake and clutch expansion covers
BMW Machined belt cover
BMW Machined valve covers
BMW Machined brake and clutch levers (replaced all zinc bolts with BMW torx ones)
BMW Machined rearsets (replaced all zinc bolts with BMW torx ones)
BMW Machined pillion pegs
BMW side bag holders and bags
Ilmberger carbon starter cover
Ilmberger carbon canister holder
JvB-moto Engine Guard/Skid Plate
RSR carbon front turn indicator supports
RSR carbon lower cylinder head covers
Rizoma Eccentrico rear view mirrors BS145B (detail: used the Racer handlebar brackets en lieu of the standard mirror holed-brackets)
Rizoma registration plate holder and tail tidy PT706B (replaced all hex bolts with BMW torx ones)
Rizoma black right swing arm hole plug ZBW034B
Rizoma snorkel intake
Rizoma brushed aluminium front fender (2K clear coated) (replaced all hex bolts with BMW torx ones)
Rizoma brushed aluminium rear fender (2K clear coated)
Wünderlich sidestand foot enlarger and spikes
Wünderlich cardan slider
Wünderlich front forks slider
Wünderlich anti-theft rear wheel bolt
Wünderlich centre stand (replaced all hex bolts with BMW torx ones)
Wünderlich handlebar weights (replaced the zinc bolts with BMW torx ones)
LSL Tour Match clipons (gold) (replaced all hex bolts with Porsche torx ones)
Luimoto seat covers
Ariete BMW vintage grips
Öhlins BM652 rear shock, 40mm sag, 16 clicks rebound (so much better on your bum over bumps!)
Öhlins FKS505 fork cartridges with Öhlins 1309-01 oil and Öhlins 08790-95 springs. 130mm oil level, 40mm sag, 12 clicks, reb+comp
Skyrich HJP21-FP Li-Ion battery
Antigravity Battery Tracker Lithium
Un1t Garage crash bars (replaced all hex bolts with BMW torx bolts)
Occasionally, I remove the pillion frame and install the BMW brushed aluminium hump
Original side seat supports and front fender brackets painted Black Storm (2K clear coated)
Headers coated with Techline ceramic black satin coating BHK on top of HHBK base coat
Xpel film protection covering the tank
Replaced all 12 cylinder head BMW screws of the engine front plate with BMW fillister head screws due to corrosion

Next major mod: Ilmberger carbon front fairing (on order)
Rizoma Club black front indicators FR150B
Rizoma Club S black rear indicators/brake light/rear light FR155B
BMW low exhaust bracket and right hand side frame screw hole cover (when I remove the pillion frame)
Wheel and Tire
Conversion to tubeless with Sika 291i and 3M 4411N
Michelin Power 5
Fobo Bike 2 TPMS
Fobo T-Valves


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