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  1. Killer Deals on Helite Airbag Apparel for Black Friday Cyber Monday

    Vendor Deals
    Hey all There will be some killer deals happening this weekend on for the Black Friday//Cyber Monday weekend. And it will be this weekend only!! Here's a simple graphic for what we're offering. Again this weekend only!! In particular, I'd like to draw your attention to the...
  2. Halloween Turtle Forum Special from Helite

    Vendor Deals
    Hi again everyone There are a few massive Helite updates being announced after the new year. One of them being an update to the turtle vest. We're really excited about it, however, things aren't going to get any cheaper. With all the new updates, we will also see prices get bumped up. So...
  3. Helite at Cycle Gear's 10th Annual MOTOBASH

    Maxmoto Inc.
    Hey all Helite will be up in Sacramento, CA this weekend to celebrate Cycle Gear's 10th Annual MOTOBASH event. We'll be there at 5400 Date Ave deploying airbag vests and enjoying the sunshine. It's going to be a massive from the looks of it. Special discount pricing too. So if you've been...
  4. The Original Helite ADV Jacket Is Back (for a limited time)

    Accessories and Gear
    Hey all For a limited time, the original Helite ADV jacket design is back! These are the very last of the previous, original version of Helite's ADV jacket with the main differences between designs being Super-Fabric shoulder and forearm panels, adjustable sleeve buckles as opposed to the new...