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  1. Electronics
    Hello! I recently changed the battery and air filter on my 2018 r nine t Pure and now it's not starting. It turns over when I try to start it and I double checked the fuel lines and electric connecters were seated on the tank.
  2. How-to Tutorials and DIY Projects
    I have made yet another video, this one about making battery/airbox covers and my reluctance to simply buy the part, just because it's easy. Creativity is a muscle, if you don't use it, you lose it. This is me merely upholding my end of the bargain to myself. Note: this will not turn...
  3. Electronics
    I have a 2020 /5. I injured my leg back in October and my bike was left unridden in the cool VA fall/winter and when I tried to start it about 8-9 weeks later the battery was too weak. Recently, I replaced the battery with an Antigravity ATZ-7 which was one of the options listed on Revzilla as...
  4. Electronics
    This morning i tried to wake my bike from its winter slumber, the bike was last ridden 2 months ago and I had no idea the battery would die as quick as it has. The bike is a 2021 model, bought just 5 months ago, so cant say I'm particularly impressed. My old 2015 bike still had its original...
  5. R nineT General Discussion Forum
    Hello all, Bike will be parked in underground parking for the winter….. climate controlled. Do i need to get. A trickle charger? If so, bmw or aftermarket? Many thks in advance. Nick
  6. Electronics
    I tried charging my R9T battery using a cheap battery tender with a adaptor plug into the aux socket, it wouldn't work, I tried turn on the ignition and off, it worked for 5 min then off, then I found this charger on the website TecMate OptiMate 4 Dual Program Battery Charger for BMW CANbus -...
  7. Electronics
    Hello All, For the last couple of weeks I'm having some problems with my battery and the bike sometimes not starting as it should. I ride it quite often (13 000 km in the past 10 months) but sometimes I leave the bike for a couple of weeks. I'm going to replace the battery but I would like to...
1-7 of 7 Results