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  1. Pazzo levers (2017+ model)

    Appearance & Body
    Hey everyone, are there any members in the Vancouver area interested in Pazzo levers? I've been emailing with Pazzo and while the 2017+ models are on the 'to-do' list, they still need to test the levers on a bike. The guy I was speaking with says he does R&D work in the off season and the whole...
  2. Halo adjustable and folding levers from driven racing

    Appearance & Body
    Hi, I've a BMW R nineT and I'm looking for a replacement levers for the OEM levers that I've on the bike. So, I've look at the HALO adjustable and folding levers from Driven Racing company and they a very good set of levers, well made and with good finishing. I like to know if there any one...
  3. Bullet Turn/Stop LEDs on a Scrambler

    I took a dive right out of the box the moment I found these online. They are high quality and very bright, blindingly bright and leave the under side of the rack open for a tent or sleeping bag to be stored on a multi day road trip. These are just the first pictures I could take in my...