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    So, I recently received word from my company that I am almost certainly going to be transferring back to California. Having lived in Monterey for a while, I know that is not a bad thing! That said, I've been reading up on the exhaust laws (AB-1824 & the later SB-112) that have been at the...
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    We have seen lots of videos from the perspective of the delighted riders of these beautiful machines, but how about a few minutes of turning that camera inward...... Have a peek and let me know your thoughts!
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi, One of my dreams became true, I got a BMW nineT in California. Because I'm from Germany, I use german manual. I was very astonished that on my California bike is something, I couldn't find in the manual. Does anybody of the experts here know, what kind of round black device that is, to be...