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  1. GGMW Video Build Series

    R NineT Builds
    Started modifying my 2017 Racer about a year ago. Videography is a hobby so I decided to document in that fashion. Kinda not your typical build videos, I don't really say much. I've posted a few of my videos on this forum but I thought I'd start a build thread to have someplace to put them from...
  2. New Daedalus Product - The Minima

    Appearance & Body
    The good folks over at Daedalus just came up with a new product for all of us who want to have a 9t with sexy a** without trading off the ability to carry bags They call the Minima : It seems to be a simpler design and the price is lowered compared to the classic version "Good job" to them for...
  3. Hi from London

    New Member Introductions
    Hey. Long time lurker here. Got my NineT back in 2015 from BMW Motorrad of Manhattan. About a year later moved from New York City to London. The boys at BMW of Manhattan kept my bike for a year while I was figuring out my situation in London, went above and beyond tending the battery, etc. They...
  4. Pitbull Stands & Daedalus Tail Tidy For R9T Pure (Build Thread)

    R NineT Builds
    Hello all, I recently received some packages from Pitbull and Daedalus! I was very excited. First off, I will note that the front hybrid stand I received included the standard hybrid pivots. I experienced issues with these standard pivots as they consistently slid toward the rear of the fork...