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  1. Electronics
    2018 urban g/s with 20k miles. I ride daily and noticed a pattern where every 2 or 3 weeks the starter is sluggish and the battery voltage low. Bike may or may not start. I get the following sequence on 2 batteries, the original and a replacement, both are AGM, lead-acid, load tested and...
  2. Electronics
    This happened last week to my ninet, wire break. 14000 km. Tomorrow I go to the dealer.
  3. Electronics
    Hey guys and gals, Riding a 2018 R Nine T, the left side dial [speedometer] is not working properly. When the handlebars are turned to the left the speedometer dial is on and working fine, however, as soon as I turn the handlebar the left dial only [the one with the speedometer] switches off...
1-3 of 3 Results