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  1. High Engine Idle RnineT !!HELP!!

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hey fellow riders! I could really use some advice for problem solving an engine idle issue. Backstory: So I purchased a 2014 RnineT with 8400 miles from Denver and had it shipped out to San Diego. I dropped it off at the BMW dealership to be serviced and checked out. Everything came back...
  2. Engine rattle starting at 3,000 RPM

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    I have a 2015 R Nine T, and over the last few months, I've noticed a strange engine rattle that starts around 3,000 RPM. I have taken it in to my authorized dealer, they are not exactly sure what is causing it and are recommending an engine disassembly to determine the cause. I ran out of...
  3. Engine braking or lack of?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I've ridden many bikes of different configurations (monos, parallele twins, V-Twins, L-Twins, air cooled, liquid cooled, i-4, i-3, v4...), I've noticed on the GS it doesn't have a lot of engine braking when you're downshifting to 2nd and 1st when you arrive to a stop for example. Im...