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  1. Product Reviews
    Some may have found that while the stock akrapovic dual exhaust looked the business but was lacking depth- (especially on the euro 5), in tone. Muffling out all the engine note on acceleration. It's great around town/ leaving the house in the morning so as not to get the neighbours all up in...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, New owner - Planning getting a slip-on exhaust that I like (SC Project Conic Muffler, Titanium)[Conic Muffler - BMW R NINE T (2014 - 2016)] However, it is for the 2014-2016 model range. Now I did contact SC-Project themselves and they said it fits Euro 4 models but is not homologated...
  3. Parts & Accessories
    Selling the stock exhaust/muffler from my 2018 R9T Pure. Minor nics and scratches, as photographed. I haven't attempted to buff those out or touch up. You choose the shipping details/costs. Pickup available in Oakland, CA.
    $250 USD
  4. Parts & Accessories
    AC Schnitzer slip- on exhaust for 2014 R NineT Completely made of stainless steel Great sound that isn’t too loud Great performance characteristics EC approval I love the sound, but I want to go with a something that looks a little different. Normally $615 Asking $450 Open to trades as well.
    $450 USD
  5. Parts & Accessories
    Selling my full Zard exhaust setup. Purchased it brand new for $1500 two years back. It's in excellent condition and ready to ship. Free shipping inside the continental US. I know for a fact that this system works on the Racer. I believe it will fit all 2017-2020 models. PayPal or Zelle I...
    $750 USD
  6. BMW nineT Reviews
    Hi everyone! I got my R NineT Pure on July 8th and have 750km on the odometer. While waiting for it to arrive for over 3 months I delved deep into the forum and saw many posts talking about how quiet the Euro 5 version was. In fact, I nearly cancelled the order at one points, thinking I should...
  7. Exhaust Systems
    I saw these welded dual pipes coming out from one side on a custom ninet. I tried searching on google if I could possibly find them for sale but my search turned no results. I believe they’re custom made, if I’m right, any recommendations on where I can have the same custom pipes made? Thank you...
  8. Exhaust Systems
    From what I understand, slip-ons made for prior model years will not fit the 2021 model without modification. I’ve emailed RP Tuning to see if they have a 2021 slip on. Anyone know of any other options for the 2021 model?
  9. Parts & Accessories
    Selling a new Delkevic exhaust system. Sold my R nineT before using this. I did open the box and test fit it, everything fit good. Has a removable baffle. No longer have any use for it, must go! Costs $250 + tax & shipping. $99 takes it! Pickup or ship within the US for $19.99 I accept...
    $99 USD
  10. Exhaust Systems
    Hey guys! New to the forum. I’m Wondering if anyone could clear this up for me. Soooo, I want to run without a CAT. Any bike I’ve ever owned has had catless headers but for this, I purchased a used OEM header for £90 that is in immaculate condition, I’ll keep that as my ‘stock’ shine header as...
  11. Parts & Accessories
    Hi there, I’m pretty sure someone saw my advertisement on Facebook… I’m selling this marvelous handmade titanium exhaust, produced by Ajko in Rome - Italy. Clearly is unique, made on my specs but after I installed it it took just some kms to understand that I don’t really like high exhaust...
  12. Parts & Accessories
    Price - $435 Including shipping. Or Best Offer. Location - Connecticut Like new. Ordered for a 2018 R Nine T classic. Less than 50 miles on it. Cost for new is $580 including import duty. If you have an offer in mind, please do not hesitate to DM me. Price is negotiable.
  13. Exhaust Systems
    I made this graphic in order to get the piece made at the muffler shop for cheaper than wonderlich. I saw on the site someone posted something this but it was hard to find as was buried in the thread. I believe it is correct but haven't made it yet....thoughts?
  14. Parts & Accessories
    SOLD Wooooo I have over 30 posts! Not in a rush, but happy to pass on this quality exhaust that came on my 2016 R NineT when bought used a few months ago. When I purchased, it only had 1,000 miles on the odometer so the aftermarket exhaust has less than that considering I shortly opted for a...
  15. Exhaust Systems
    Hi Guys, Been looking for a exhaust and came across this brand (I am not affiliated in any way). Personally not a fan, but thought someone may find helpful, haven't seen them on this forum yet (apologies if these have been posted before). Anyone had any experience with this brand before...
  16. Want To Buy/ Trade
    Just before I pull the trigger on a 'black competition Werkes exhaust' with db killer from the USA. Is there anyone in the UK or Europe that has one to sell? Many thanks, Meat.
  17. Parts & Accessories
    Is in like new condition. Also comes with insertable baffles. Paid over $1400 usd for this. asking for $699+shipping obo but a bit firm since it is in like-new condition.
  18. New Member Introductions
    Hello from San Luis Obispo. Below is a brief soundcheck video for my SC Project Conic exhaust. I was really drawn to the design of the S1 and CR-T, but after seeing a few forum posters complain that they were too loud (one even posting for sale immediately after buying), I decided to go...
  19. Exhaust Systems
    Thought I'd create a thread for this type of exhaust as there always seems to be quite a lot of curiosity about it but I certainly found it hard to get a lot of information on it before I bought one. This is the link to where it is sold: Impianto completo 2in1 Multiwelded Come Back – BMW R...
  20. California
    So, I recently received word from my company that I am almost certainly going to be transferring back to California. Having lived in Monterey for a while, I know that is not a bad thing! That said, I've been reading up on the exhaust laws (AB-1824 & the later SB-112) that have been at the...
1-20 of 34 Results