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  1. SOLD: Unit Garage High Double Exhaust Titanium. Visible welds.

    BMW R NineT Parts & Accessories
    Is in like new condition. Also comes with insertable baffles. Paid over $1400 usd for this. asking for $699+shipping obo but a bit firm since it is in like-new condition.
  2. Hello from the Central Coast of California

    New Member Introductions
    Hello from San Luis Obispo. Below is a brief soundcheck video for my SC Project Conic exhaust. I was really drawn to the design of the S1 and CR-T, but after seeing a few forum posters complain that they were too loud (one even posting for sale immediately after buying), I decided to go...
  3. MASS 2in1 exhaust thread

    Exhaust Systems
    Thought I'd create a thread for this type of exhaust as there always seems to be quite a lot of curiosity about it but I certainly found it hard to get a lot of information on it before I bought one. This is the link to where it is sold: Impianto completo 2in1 Multiwelded Come Back – BMW R...
  4. California Exhaust Laws & the R NineT?

    BMW NineT General Discussion Forum
    So, I recently received word from my company that I am almost certainly going to be transferring back to California. Having lived in Monterey for a while, I know that is not a bad thing! That said, I've been reading up on the exhaust laws (AB-1824 & the later SB-112) that have been at the...
  5. Racer model year & Dynojet power commander help!!!

    Engine Tuning and Performance
    Hey all, I've got a 2018 Racer, and a full Akra titanium system waiting (dying) to be installed. My mechanic inquired with Dynojet directly about the power commander needed to tune the exhaust. They do not have an updated unit "designed" for the '18 model year, as the current kit has only...
  6. GGMW Video Build Series

    R NineT Builds
    Started modifying my 2017 Racer about a year ago. Videography is a hobby so I decided to document in that fashion. Kinda not your typical build videos, I don't really say much. I've posted a few of my videos on this forum but I thought I'd start a build thread to have someplace to put them from...
  7. ZARD Capitan Scappamento Exhaust

    Moto Machines
    ZARD is an Italian exhaust manufacturer that has 30 years of experience in the motorcycle exhaust market. Every single step, from welding to assembly of semifinished works, is handmade using high-quality raw material. The result is a total Made in Italy product. These exhausts all have a...
  8. SC Project which one!?

    Exhaust Systems
    Evening I can’t decide on which Conic sc project pipe to go for. There’s the standard conic, which is similar to the Akra, which seems the go to choice by many. Or the bent conic, just wondered if anyone had the bent conic? Any pictures? As I can’t seem to find any decent ones on the web. I’m...
  9. MIVV Exhaust Giveaway

    Moto Machines
    The team at Moto Machines is doing another giveaway via Instagram! This time, we've decided to give away a MIVV Exhaust up to $600 in value to one lucky rider who follows MotoMachines, likes the giveaway post, and tags two friends in the comment section. The giveaway ends on 11/25/19 and the...
  10. FS: Urban G/S Stock Exhaust Muffler

    BMW R NineT Parts & Accessories
    OEM stock exhaust for sale. ~15k miles on it, nothing wrong with it, just replaced it with the two-pipe Akra exhaust off a Scrambler. Located in SoCal, prefer to meet locally or within California/Nevada/Arizona area, but will entertain shipping if buyer pays. $250
  11. SOLD: Scambler Passenger subframe complete with pegs and exhaust mount

    BMW R NineT Parts & Accessories
    Sold! mods please update!
  12. Mivv Speed Edge Slip-On Exhaust

    Moto Machines
    The Speed Edge series from MIVV Exhausts feature a hexagon shape that allows the muffler to take up less volume on the inside of the bike, enabling a closer fit to the frame. This is extremely beneficial when running luggage or lane splitting through heavy traffic! Like all MIVV Exhausts, this...
  13. Mivv Suono Slip-On Exhaust

    Moto Machines
    Suono Exhausts from MIVV has a very distinct look showing the best of decades of Italian craftsmanship! The design on this muffler is unlike other exhausts featuring a styled line from front to back combed with an upward flare. Each muffler is fitted with a removable dB Killer that can be...
  14. Upgrade Your Exhaust!!

    Moto Machines
    Designed to improve the aesthetics, sound, and performance of the bike, Mivv slip-on exhausts are the result of maximum attention to design, with the aim of satisfying those who want to distinguish themselves by the look of their motorbikes. The X-CONE exhaust is mainly intended for naked or...
  15. New Exhaust - Euro3 or Euro4?

    Exhaust Systems
    I've a 2017 NineT fitted with Akro including welded DB killers. I'm considering swapping it out for the AC Schnitzer Stealth. Now I should go the for Euro 4 version (which I assume has fixed DB killer too) but can I go for the Euro 3 version (removable DB killer?) or will there be fit/remap...
  16. Problems With Motivation USA. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    BMW NineT General Discussion Forum
    Hello all! I ordered a titanium with carbon cap SC Project Conic exhaust silencer on 18JUN2018 from Motivation USA. Their website made no mention of the exhaust silencer being out of stock, backordered, and anything like that. I had also seen items that were listed as being out of stock or...
  17. Mivv X-Cone Slip-On Exhaust

    Moto Machines
    The Mivv X-Cone slip-on exhaust for the R NineT adds a little flair to your bike as well as other perks. The exhaust adds 4.6 horsepower to the BMW and takes off 1.5 kg of weight. Also, the exhaust adds 3.9 ft-lb of torque to the bike. As you can see, this pipe doesn’t only benefit the sound and...
  18. Removing the entire Exhaust powder coat, high temperature paint ?

    Exhaust Systems
    Hi All - Want to take out the entire exhaust and paint it black. I have tried to look for instructions on the forum and did not find any. I am sure someone probably already did this :) Is there anything I need to know or is it as simple as taking the bolts off ? Any help is appreciated ...