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  1. Handlebars: Compare dimensions of the Rizoma clip-ons vs. Rizoma MA011

    Suspension and Steering
    I’m in the process to switch from those very low “clip-ons” to “regular” handlebars. Here are some comparative pictures for those contemplating. Not “before-after”, but “at the same time”! The measurements alone are sometimes difficult to compute... “Diagonal”/from the rider’s perspective...
  2. FS: Various Items - luggage, handlebars, exhaust hanger

    BMW R NineT Parts & Accessories
    Sadly, I sold my 2015 NineT a few months ago and need to offload a few of the other items I have laying around OEM tail bag: $200 - note: I do not have the strap loops that attach under the seat. Accidentally left them on the bike when I sold it and came to find out the new owner promptly...
  3. High bars for scrambler/urban gs

    Suspension and Steering
    Has anyone installed higher bars on their scrambler/urban gs? I’ve looked at the Unit Garage bars. I’m a little concerned that the shim from 7/8 to 1 1/8 will increase vibrations. And I’ve looked at risers. I installed the BMW scrambler risers on my urban, but they seemed to increase the...
  4. SOLD: Unit Garage Comfort handlebars

    BMW R NineT Parts & Accessories
    Hey guys, I installed the Unit Garage Comfort handlebars this week and it's not rising and bringing them close enough for what I had in mind. I just ordered some 2" Rox Risers so will be selling these new handlebars as soon as I receive the other risers. I've only been on a 50km ride with them...