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  1. Appearance & Body
    I'm trying to source this from the original supplier in Germany (KOHL Automobile in Aachen) and might have more leverage to get a short production run done if more people want it. Add replies to this post if you are seriously interested in buying one and if you are in a LHD/RHD country. Cost...
  2. Want To Buy/ Trade
    Wanted to BUY a complete NINE T headlight assembly, with housing/mounts if possible. Not after just the glass/lamp alone. If you are willing to organise post to Australia will purchase ASAP. Thanks.
  3. Want To Buy/ Trade
    Just missed on on Ebay :frown: Want to buy complete headlamp. Prefer mint and no cracks. But any conditions and parts could go for the right price. Any tips on sites that has for sale is also much appreciated (please send PM if you know a place).
1-3 of 3 Results