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led turn signals

  1. Electronics
    I've now installed Rizoma LEDs on my 2018. I have Club indicators on the front. I did not use the resistors that came with the turn signals and instead installed Rizoma resistors EE149H; one on each indicator. I also used the adapters, EE078H. On the rear, I have the Rizoma sidearm license...
  2. Electronics
    Have any U.S. owners recently attempted to have the OEM LED turn signals programmed at their authorized dealership? While switching the blinker was plug-and-play on older bikes, this isn't the case on mine. I sourced four LED signals to install on my 2019 Classic. Plugging in one causes it to...
  3. Electronics
    Hi, my bike was fitted with BMW LED turn signals from new. I've just replaced a broken on with one that i think is a pattern part, but looks identical, but the light flashes rapidly as if the bike thinks its still blown. Can anyone shed some light on what's going on with it please?