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  1. Parts & Accessories
    Looking for this part for my 2015 RnineT (see image) 01 Description: REFLECTOR Part # 63 12 8 567 929
    $150 AUD
  2. Electronics
    As much as I appreciate the base R9T aesthetics, I decided to add some forward facing driving lights to improve my visibility to other drivers. In the past I have used both Denali and Clearwater lights for this reason on my other bikes. After a little exploring on the web I decided to try the...
  3. Electronics
    Hi guys, I’m trying to get these license plate lights to work and all I get is a blink upon start up then it throws a lighting code with no light output (tried swapping wires and nothing happens—no light, no code). I’m a wiring/electronics dunce, so I don’t know where to begin! Any help is...
  4. Want To Buy/ Trade
    Wanted to BUY a complete NINE T headlight assembly, with housing/mounts if possible. Not after just the glass/lamp alone. If you are willing to organise post to Australia will purchase ASAP. Thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results