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  1. Servicing and Maintenance
    Did any of you see any advantages using 75W-140 over the 75W-90 the bike comes with from the factory? I heard that there are quite some dealers who move to 75W-140 during the 1000KM service, while some others stay with the same type of 75W-90.
  2. R nineT Builds
    Started modifying my 2017 Racer about a year ago. Videography is a hobby so I decided to document in that fashion. Kinda not your typical build videos, I don't really say much. I've posted a few of my videos on this forum but I thought I'd start a build thread to have someplace to put them from...
  3. Servicing and Maintenance
    Afternoon everyone. Just spent some time on the bike and wanted to change the oil on my 2016. Only had the bike 18 months and it’s out of warranty so was doing it myself. It would seem that the last bugger who did the job over tightened the drain plug which was seized. Got it moving but the...
1-3 of 3 Results