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  1. Columbus Ohio custom shop

    Does anyone out there have any experience with custom shops in the Columbus area (or anywhere in Ohio for that matter). I've recently purchased an R9T Pure and am looking to customize - paint and some fabrication. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Color match paint Sargent Storage Pod for the BMW R nine T Pure

    Appearance & Body
    Hi, I just bought a BMW R nine T Pure and couldn't be happier. After a long initial ride, I realized I'd like a more comfortable seat. And, why not, brown color. I checked this forum and it seems the Sargent seats are good, and they come with a storage pod. I'm not totally convinced of the...
  3. Removing the entire Exhaust powder coat, high temperature paint ?

    Exhaust Systems
    Hi All - Want to take out the entire exhaust and paint it black. I have tried to look for instructions on the forum and did not find any. I am sure someone probably already did this :) Is there anything I need to know or is it as simple as taking the bolts off ? Any help is appreciated ...