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  1. MIVV Suono Slip-On Exhaust

    Moto Machines
    Going to share a video from MIVV Exhausts showing the R NineT stock sound vs. Suono Slip-On Sound. Check out the MIVV Suono Slip-On here!
  2. Mivv Speed Edge Slip-On Exhaust

    Moto Machines
    The Speed Edge series from MIVV Exhausts feature a hexagon shape that allows the muffler to take up less volume on the inside of the bike, enabling a closer fit to the frame. This is extremely beneficial when running luggage or lane splitting through heavy traffic! Like all MIVV Exhausts, this...
  3. Mivv Suono Slip-On Exhaust

    Moto Machines
    Suono Exhausts from MIVV has a very distinct look showing the best of decades of Italian craftsmanship! The design on this muffler is unlike other exhausts featuring a styled line from front to back combed with an upward flare. Each muffler is fitted with a removable dB Killer that can be...
  4. Upgrade Your Exhaust!!

    Moto Machines
    Designed to improve the aesthetics, sound, and performance of the bike, Mivv slip-on exhausts are the result of maximum attention to design, with the aim of satisfying those who want to distinguish themselves by the look of their motorbikes. The X-CONE exhaust is mainly intended for naked or...
  5. Mivv X-Cone Slip-On Exhaust

    Moto Machines
    The Mivv X-Cone slip-on exhaust for the R NineT adds a little flair to your bike as well as other perks. The exhaust adds 4.6 horsepower to the BMW and takes off 1.5 kg of weight. Also, the exhaust adds 3.9 ft-lb of torque to the bike. As you can see, this pipe doesn’t only benefit the sound and...