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  1. Modding the aluminum tank Pure for touring

    BMW NineT Videos
    I've been modding my Pure for comfort and for touring. And for my chihuahua dog, Gizmo to ride along with me. I have the aluminum visible weld tank option along with the low suspension option from the factory. I keep making adjustments & I have more mods in the works...but this video shows...
  2. 2020 Pure: A few Wunderlich updates(awaiting taillight kit).

    2020 Pure: A few Wunderlich updates(awaiting taillight kit).

  3. Reupholstered Scrambler Seat on Pure

    Appearance & Body
    Brown Scrambler seat modified with extra layers of foam (a thin layer of soft over harder foam) and then reupholstered with black marine grade vinyl by a local shop. Very happy with the modified seat; it's more comfortable than the stock Pure and Scrambler seats. Also fitted a used Urban GS...
  4. New To BMW With the R9T Pure!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all. I recently purchased a NOS 2017 R Nine T Pure. This bike is truly astounding, and has to be my favorite bike I have owned. I already have an SC Project Conic Titanium Silencer, Daedalus Tail Tidy, BMW specific Pitbull Trailer Restraint Pins, and Pitbull Stands (Front & Rear) on the...
  5. New NineT member from DC !!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All !! Planning on buying the R nine T Pure 2017 model. Also planning on doing some mods to the bike. 1. Powder coating the valve covers to black 2. Powder coating ? the exhaust to black 3. Changing the exhaust to dual Akropovic exhaust. (Or any other suggestions ?) 4. Fender eliminator...