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    RnineT in Pakistan
  2. New bike, advice welcome!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, il be picking up my R nine T scrambler next week, do any of you have any advice re maintenace or upgrades? I'm coming from a Honda from so a bit of a step up haha. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Thanks in advance
  3. RnineTs RTW

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I am from Myanmar, we recently did a RTW trip to Myanmar to Uk then back, accumulated 50,000 + kms and 45 countries. Bikes that we used are Rninet & RnineT Scrambler, they are fantastic bikes, they are more then just a weekend bikes.Bikes was no problem at all. Loving it. Just want to...
  4. Max Cruising Speed??

    BMW NineT General Discussion Forum
    Hello! So I find myself on the freeway headed South to meet my friend before a long ride. I'm cruising at 80 in 6th gear @ 4500rmp. The engine sounds great, yet when I start to move into 90mph+ it starts to sound like the engine is working a tad to hard. My buddies Thruxton R seems to enjoy...
  5. High Engine Idle RnineT !!HELP!!

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hey fellow riders! I could really use some advice for problem solving an engine idle issue. Backstory: So I purchased a 2014 RnineT with 8400 miles from Denver and had it shipped out to San Diego. I dropped it off at the BMW dealership to be serviced and checked out. Everything came back...
  6. Think of selling my 2015 RNineT

    BMW NineT General Discussion Forum
    Hello group, I am thinking of selling my 2015 RNineT. I have a ridiculous amount of money into it and I’m sure I am going to loose out on this. Everything has been redone and has been done by a professional BMW shop dealer. Wondering what you would think Would be a good price for this. I have...
  7. headlight swap to halo led/warning lights on dash?

    I recently bought a R Nine T pure for my brother and we swapped out the headlight to an led halo and now the yellow triangle with an ! in the middle is on the dash along with something that looks like a light that is next to the milage. how do I remove warning lights? can somebody please advise...
  8. Greetings from the streets of Las Vegas!

    New Member Introductions
    Greetings from the Streets of Las Vegas, NV. My name is Stacey Gearing and I just purchased my first BMW. After owning several motorcycles I couldn't be happier with my decision to pick up the R nine T. I recently bought a 2018 R Nine T pure. I loved it so much I bought a black 2016 a week...
  9. New To BMW With the R9T Pure!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all. I recently purchased a NOS 2017 R Nine T Pure. This bike is truly astounding, and has to be my favorite bike I have owned. I already have an SC Project Conic Titanium Silencer, Daedalus Tail Tidy, BMW specific Pitbull Trailer Restraint Pins, and Pitbull Stands (Front & Rear) on the...