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  1. FS: Mustang solo seat

    BMW R NineT Parts & Accessories
    This seat came installed on the bike. I’m not sure how old the seat is, but it is in great condition. This seat is the MOST COMFORTABLE seat I’ve ridden. If I wasn’t going for a custom look, I would have definitely kept it. Please feel free to ask any questions or if you’d like more pictures...
  2. WTB: Scrambler/UGS seat

    Want To Buy/ Trade
    Hello everyone, I'm buying a used seat from a Scrambler, at a good price, to put the coating in another color. I appreciate contacts from Europe, since I am from Porto, Portugal. Thanks.
  3. Color match paint Sargent Storage Pod for the BMW R nine T Pure

    Appearance & Body
    Hi, I just bought a BMW R nine T Pure and couldn't be happier. After a long initial ride, I realized I'd like a more comfortable seat. And, why not, brown color. I checked this forum and it seems the Sargent seats are good, and they come with a storage pod. I'm not totally convinced of the...
  4. SOLD: Scambler Passenger subframe complete with pegs and exhaust mount

    BMW R NineT Parts & Accessories
    Sold! mods please update!
  5. Amphibious Softseat

    Moto Machines
    Amphibious Dry Equipment manufacture amazing waterproof motorcycle luggage, but they also manufacture these softseats! This Softseat has an innovative design that allows you to customize the amount of cushion wanted. On the seat is an air release valve that allows you to choose how much cushion...
  6. Reupholstered Scrambler Seat on Pure

    Appearance & Body
    Brown Scrambler seat modified with extra layers of foam (a thin layer of soft over harder foam) and then reupholstered with black marine grade vinyl by a local shop. Very happy with the modified seat; it's more comfortable than the stock Pure and Scrambler seats. Also fitted a used Urban GS...
  7. Can't remove seat - HELP!

    Appearance & Body
    Hello! I've got a problem I'd like your help in fixing. I'd like to remove my seat, in order to be able to remove the leather tank strap on which I can attach my tank bag. At the dealership we removed the T27 screw, it was very tight but the dealer guy was able to unscrew it (by hand). Then he...
  8. Sold: BMW Higher Seat (850m)

    BMW R NineT Parts & Accessories
    I want to sell the BMW Higher Seat (850m) - 52 53 8 560 248 Price: 220€ + shipping, but I'm open to negotiations Condition: like new, used about 1000km Fits to all R nineT versions, I have R nineT roadster 2016, Description form BMW site The high Scrambler seat was specially designed for...
  9. New user intro and advice about the seat.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all from Philly, Long time motorcycle rider, first time r nine T user here. I rode it yesterday for 3.5hrs and it's obvious that I need a new seat. Anyone out there has any suggestions? I am not looking to get rid of the passenger seat, just a more comfortable ride for me and the wife. Thank...
  10. TRADED: Scrambler Brown Seat+Brakcet

    Want To Buy/ Trade
    For Trade: Stock 2-Up Brown Scrambler Seat and Brackets for mounting to all of the other models. I'm looking to trade this for the stock 2 piece seats and the brackets that allow them to mount with the lever to remove the front seat. The brackets must be included. Each person pays shipping...
  11. SOLD: Roland Sands seat for R9T models

    BMW R NineT Parts & Accessories
    Roland Sands BMW R9T Flat Out seat. High quality, compliments lines of R9T. Fits 2014-2017 R9t and also Scrambler and MAYBE Pure and Urban G/S. Has maybe 1000 miles on it. Like new! List new for $410, selling for $300 including shipping within Continental USA. Pay via Paypal. Get it now before I...
  12. Beaded Seat Cover (Part 1 of 161)

    Accessories and Gear
    For the last 15+ years I used a wooden-bead seat cover – you know the kind taxi drivers often have. Motorcycle Cruiser aeons ago did a comparo, from which the beads and the airhawk emerged as winners if I remember correctly. Cut to 2017 when I got my Scrambler. All of a sudden, the black beads...