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  1. Electronics
    Hi to all... New member here. Question: Will the speedo/tach off of a 2015 r9t fit other model years... Meaning, is it compatible? Both in mount positioning and electronically? Specifically want to know if 2015 will fit 2020, but whole compatibility picture would be nice if known. TY in advance...
  2. Electronics
    This happened last week to my ninet, wire break. 14000 km. Tomorrow I go to the dealer.
  3. Electronics
    Proud owner of a 2015 RnineT.. However: it's an import from the Uk and the speedometer is both Mph (large font) and below that in (too) small font the km/h. Have now bought via Heiler Tachodesign a pure km/h disk. Getting to the disks currently on the bike is no rocketsience.. However; the...
1-3 of 3 Results