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  1. Appearance & Body
    I've had my bike for 2 seasons now and since day one I wanted to get rid of the fender and the license plate bracket in the back to clean up the back and five it a more cafe type style (without installing the cap). I think it turned out awesome! I used the kit from NewRageCycles and made a video...
  2. Appearance & Body
    Hello fellow r9ters, highly specific question here. Will receive delivery of my 2021 Scrambler on saturday, and I've been searching for a while now to replace that god awful rear fender assembly. I'm wondering on the ''legality'' of the modification here in the province of Québec. Can't seem to...
  3. Appearance & Body
    I need your help deciding which fender eliminator looks best. Please use the polling option and choose from the numbers below. Note the Roland Sands seat I just installed has a point to it which I believe makes some looks "incompatible" -- Thus, I need your help! STOCK Polling Options...
  4. Appearance & Body
    I am interested in buying a Wunderlich Part No. 44111-302 tail tidy here in Australia, the prices locally seem very high, does anyone know of any available that will send here? Thanks in advance
  5. Parts & Accessories
    For sale is a used (great condition) Rizoma License Plate Holder (outside mount) for $200 + shipping. Item is in the Chicago area. Thanks. ***
  6. Appearance & Body
    The good folks over at Daedalus just came up with a new product for all of us who want to have a 9t with sexy a** without trading off the ability to carry bags They call the Minima : It seems to be a simpler design and the price is lowered compared to the classic version "Good job" to them for...
  7. Appearance & Body
    I've been working on a new tail piece which is plug & play (just bolt-on, plug-in & go) for my bike, a classic with aluminum tank. It's currently at the fabricator. What'd you think?
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hi, my name is Harold McGrruther, but friends and family have called me McGoo for five decades. I’m the co-founder and product manager at Biltwell Inc., a small motorcycle riding gear and hard parts maker based in SoCal. Before launching Biltwell in 2006, my business partner and riding buddy...
1-8 of 9 Results