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  1. Windscreen clip-ons?

    Appearance & Body
    I've had the Classic Dart Flyscreen for some months now and I'm really loving it. Removes a lot of wind pressure at cruising speeds. Whenever I find myself on highways though (I try not to find myself there), the flyscreen isn't really big enough to make the trip bearable. Problem is I don't...
  2. Considering buying a 9t scrambler for touring: thoughts?

    New Member Introductions
    Hey All Recently finished 5 months driving around South america on a Honda 150 which you can check out here if you are interested: I'm back in the states now and was thinking about buying a 1200 gs but I'm absolutely in love with the look of the 9t scrambler. I'm looking...
  3. Accessory windshields / windscreens from BMW

    Appearance & Body
    Hey, does anyone have knowledge or pictures of these BMW accessory windscreens on their bike? (I will attempt to post an image, but at least that’s a link showing the two of them.) In the “Build Your Own” section of the US...