I'm looking to sell or trade for R9t racer. This bike has a clean title, and has just over 14k on the clock. It's in really great shape, I've spent a lot of time detailing and polishing this bike since I've had it. It has a booster plug installed, a set of puig CNC adjustable levers, a battery tender/ monitor wired in, and will come with a set of double take mirrors that my shoulders were too wide for. It also has the upgraded tubeless cross spoke wheels. I haven't had this bike for very long, I bought it to commute to work and run up the canyons, but I've realized I like a more sporty riding position on the asphalt. The tires are almost new.

The only problem with this bike is it doesn't have the horn button on the left switchgear. I've been looking for one since I've owned it. The horn works, and the electronics are there, just not the button pad. Other than that she's fantastic.
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