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2015 R9T owner from Toronto Canada

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Hi everyone, I am the proud owner of a 2015 rninet. I was off this site for a while but after adding some new mods I'm back. Loving my motorbike. It is super awesome and to me, it looks like a piece of art.

I want to learn more about my bike and so that is why I'm here. As well, I love to see the Mods that people have done to theirs. So far here is what I've done to mine....

-new front turn signals
-tail tidy with built in turn signals
-licence plate swing arm to behind the wheel and painted black to match
-hump on the rear, custom painted by BMW with the same paint as the sparkly black tank.(this was a present from my then girlfriend when they didnt have these readily available.......yes I married her)
-I just bought carbon fiber engine covers
-I bought the frame hole covers but still have to install.

next project....
-find the flapper eliminator pipe somewhere that ships to me in Toronto for somewhere around 60$.
-I saw post where someone removed the baffles and thought I'd like to see how that would affect my ride.

Love being back on the forum and if you live in the area reach out and introduce yourself.
Thanks for moderating and giving us an out to the groundhog COVID thing.

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Welcome back @Speedorchid2020

Looking forward to your photos.
Welcome back to the forum Speedorchid2020. Couldn't leave it alone could ya.
Welcome back to the forum! Looking forward to seeing the photos of your R9T. (y)
Welcome mate
Welcome fellow R9T rider and GTA neighbour.
There are a couple of us here, head over to the "Canada" regional forum there are also posts there.
Suggestion: am sure that one of the local exhaust shops can fabricate a replacement pipe for the flapper-eliminate piece.
Hi again and welcome to the forum. 👋
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