If you were to look at my previous postings I'm cleaning out the shop storage. I have a 2017 Racer for sale. I have set the price a wee bit lower than I think it's worth because of it's Good, Bad, and Ugly attributes.

BAD; The bike has a salvage title. This is really no big deal as far as getting a registration but it sure is something that for the sake of honesty must be mentioned. The story is as follows: I was on "The Sunday Morning Ride" in Northern California. I had just ridden through the small town of Marshal at less than 30 MPH. A Granny Lady ran through one of those red hexagon street signs when I was about 30 yard from her. I was lucky and scrubbed of most of the speed (thank God for ABS) but still hit the front side of her car. I had stood up on the pegs so it sent me flying the bike mostly just fell over. I was hurt pretty badly because of my fly was good my landing sucked.

I tell you all this because when her insurance adjuster showed up he knew I has in Hospital and injured so he did not spend much time checking the motorbike. He just totaled it because the forks were bent. Here in is the reason for the Salvage Papers. When my mechanic friend (I was in Hospital for quite a while) bought the motorbike and took her to the shop they were quick to let me know that all they could see damaged was the two fork tubes and one piece of fairing that was scratched. Other than that she was perfect.

My only real problem was that my Wife, knowing how much I loved the bike and trying to make me feel better hade found a new Racer and it was sitting in the Garage waiting for me to come home. So forks have been replaced, scratched fairing replaced with new. Chassis gone over and measured to make sure nothing is off "nothing is off " . Motorbike has been sitting since I had my ooops so my mechanic will change change all the fluids, and do a complete go over service. This said bike is pretty much perfect.

UGLY; Motorbike has a small blemish (not a dent !) on the right side of the fuel tank. Bike is totally stock so no extra goodies. Bike will have a Salvage Title and that may lower the value some.

Good; Price when compared to others is low at $10,500 on a bike that is now hard to find. Because it has been sitting and when I could finally ride has only been started and gone around the block has very low miles . Around 3000K.

So there you go a lot of words for a motorbike sale but felt because of the history the buyer should know everything. I'm part of a vintage ( AHMRA,Manx Classic, Phillips Island Classic) racing effort so our equipment is taken care of. Frankly I'd keep the thing because I do love it but not keeping the one my Wife replaced it with would be really BAD AND UGLY!

Make an offer and Cheers all ..... Rich