I bought my first R Nine T in December. I purchased this 2019 Pure from a BMW Dealership in Chicago. I am SMITTEN. I've owned a few bikes over the last 20 years, but this is something else. I'm so happy with it, that I never planned to sell it. This is gonna be my "forever" bike. But then my little brother ran his mouth in front of my wife, talking about new safety technology making its way into modern motorcycles. Dynamic ABS, ASC, MSR, DTC, Intelligent ride modes, adaptive headlights, etc.

So my wife asked, "Does your new BMW have those?" Well... some, but no. They were all added in 2021.

The wife proclaims "Then sell that one, and buy a new one. No discussion." Huh... that actually works for me. So I just bought a new '22 719 Mineral White... for safety. :)

So here I am, with my Pure, with a little over 5,000 miles, and I need to sell it. I have a small loan through BMW financial services that must be dealt with. They're pretty helpful when it comes to selling a bike on their books, so I'm not worried.

KBB is $11,500, so I figured $9,500 would help it sell quicker.

It has a Hepco & Becker Rear Rack, Center Stand, and engine guards. I also have the Weiser $450 Ultra Brights LED Extreme Brake Light/turn signal upgrade and 2 in 1 driving light/turn signals kit. Never even get a chance to open it. They replace the front and rear turn signals with LED versions, and turn your front turn signals into bright white DRLs for better visibility. I'll include the kits as well.

Last of all, I just bought a rear top bag, which fits beautifully on the Hepco rack. I'll toss that in as well if you'd like it.