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I’ve noted a few small differences on the 2021 Rninet. Some are improvements and some are nuisances in relation to EU5 compliance. I will list the ones I have noticed so far. I have a good friend with a 2017 pure that I use as a reference. I would like if you could add more and comment on the ones listed here.

1- Cruise control (Great addition. I’m not sure if any previous models had it but certainly not the pure).
2- Led headlight (Great as well)
3- Led turn signals (Great)
4- Tubeless tires (Not sure when they added this)
5- Different Rev counter. They only change the temperature display digits for bars. New part number.
6- Different Air filter. About 10-2% bigger and positioned on a slight different location/angle. Making the existing after market options unusable.
7- Extra O2 sensor on the Catalytic converter. This makes the previous headers not compatible.
8- Welded flapper exhaust valve. Making it more difficult to delete.
9- Bigger exhaust piper. About 1 mm extra in diameter making most exhaust tips not immediately compatible or needing to expand them to make them fit.
10- Riding modes (Rain, Road & Dynamic) Also a great feature. Not sure if the previous versions were all dynamic or something in between.
11-Welded DB Killer in 6 different spots making its removal nearly impossible without damaging the exhaust. Not sure when they did this.
12- Eliminating the Din Hella outlet and replacing it with a USB outlet. I use the BMW charger and would like to be able to have both options. I like the USB but for example the new GS has both.


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Here are a couple more:
  • The throttle went to ride-by-wire for 2021, and throttle response seems to be smoother, with less abruptness when opening the throttle from fully closed.
  • The cylinder head covers' bolt pattern changed, so all pre-2021 guards do not fit the new bikes.
The cruise control and riding modes are nice additions, though not without controversy here on the forum, more the cruise control than the modes, which some people say they'll never use. The LEDs are a big hit though.

While everyone knew there would be changes to make the R9T lineup Euro5 compliant, I think BMW should have told people in videos and press releases there were actual physical changes to the machine, like the pipes and cylinder head covers. Some people who bought mods for their 2021 models were unpleasantly surprised to find out they won't fit their new bikes. That stinks.
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