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We're having some floods along our River Murray in South Australia so I took a ride to have a look. About 50% of the ride was gravel roads but finished with a ride through one our hills roads which is about 20 minutes from home.
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A flooded road along the river

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There is a caravan park in there somewhere
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My bike at a flooded road

The fun ride through the hills near home. If you look closely you can see where I had a front wheel slide over the white lines in about the first second or so. The tyres are Conti Trail Attack 3 that have generally performed well so I was surprised at the slide. The camera is just a motorcycle 'dash cam' which is why the quality is not so good.
Its a good fun bit or road though :)
Nice run @Ozgordo …… I really enjoyed that scramble … I watched it on a big screen and almost fell off my bar stool (again) nice run - nice rush. BeWell and stay UpOn2 ……. Share some more vids when you have time ………………. Blitz
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