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A sunburnt scrambler

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Hello, folks!

After following this form for a while, I picked up this ‘17 scrambler out in the country and rode it 300km to my home in Canberra, Australia. The ride was fantastic, except for the rear suspension, which bottomed out on quite a few potholes. I now know what everyone was talking about. Definitely something to tune.

The last owner kept it in the sun, so the bike could use a polish and a new pannier (any good polish for the exhaust?). The pannier, a Givi, has completely fallen apart, which is shocking, given how much it cost new. The mounting system looks cool, though, and I wonder whether I can cut it out and attach it to another bag. Unfortunately, I don’t have key — any ideas how to get a replacement?
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Hello @Airheader

Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your Scrambler.
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