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adding another 20 useable horsepower to the classic RnineT

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i love my 2014 rninet, but a mate let me ride his yamaha MT09 the other day and me thinks that a super tune and download of another map may give me the extra squirt that i desire
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Don’t listen to the “na-sayers”.
Install “cat-less” headers and get a “Bren-tune”.
That will get you very close to what you are looking for, and these mods. will make your bike run better, cooler, and be much more fun.

Now, wait for the “na-sayers”.
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Handling and braking is more of a priority IMO. I have watched Nate Kern take a stock bike right off the floor of a dealership and ride rings around others with souped up engines. He has said that anybody can go fast in a straight line. Invest in track instruction if you want to best your buddies.
Also what @jpaton said. It is pretty cool and will help a little bit on the power challenge and give you something to brag about at the cafe. That's what i would do.
I agree regarding handling; and have already upgraded the stock suspension to full Ohlins: great improvement! Have also done at least 2 track day instructions and about 250,000 miles on 15+ different bikes. But, came from a Ducati 1100 that had more HP and torque than the RNT; and I definitely missed that and wished the RNT had about 20 more hp. As I recall, this is what the OP asked about. All I can tell you is; vast improvement!
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BTW my son has a Yamaha MT09, and he loves it.
Personally, I don’t like the riding position (and I’ve ridden it a lot). But, then again, he doesn’t like the riding position on my Racer. To each his own! I’m pretty sure my RNT with the modifications is a faster bike than the MT-09, handles better, and has much better build quality. But, either bike can definitely get you in trouble. He has his eyes on a RNT Classic, but not the $ (yet).
Here’s the data RE: the Akropovic headers: (5.7 hp and 3.9 ft. Lb. Of torque.) this does not assume you have changed the muffler.
UnitStockAkrapovičMax gain
Max. powerkW75.1 / 7650 rpm79.1 / 7600 rpm+ 4.2 / 7600 rpm
HP (m)102.1 / 7650 rpm107.6 / 7600 rpm+ 5.7 / 7600 rpm
HP (i)100.7 / 7650 rpm106.1 / 7600 rpm+ 5.6 / 7600 rpm
Max. torqueNm107 / 6500 rpm109.3 / 6450 rpm+ 5.3 / 7450 rpm
lb-ft78.9 / 6500 rpm80.6 / 6450 rpm+ 3.9 / 7450 rpm
Weightkg4.51.7- 2.8- 2.8
lb9.93.7- 6.2- 6.2
%- 62.2
NoisedB87 / 3875 rpm89.3 / 3875 rpm2.3
Inst. timemin90
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Here the data from Bren-Tune (below):
Looks like +11 ft. Lb. Of torque and + 9-hp (if I am reading these correctly).

So, according to both of these (2) Dyno tests: about +15 hp and + 15 ft. Lbs of torque (Not quite the 20 the OP is looking for).

I have to tell you, the difference after each change was noticeable, and the running temperature of the bike is now 20% less (which was very important to me for longevity). BTW I ran the headers for several months before adding the Bren-Tune.

I understand that many here are perfectly happy with the stock RNT specs. But these changes really improve the bike. The Bren-Tune also eliminates any hesitation(s) or lag. I can now use 5th and 6th gear (and actually accelerate in those gears), where before, I rarely used 5 or 6th.
The baseline is both RED lines, the BT Moto Stage 2 Flash is represented by the BLUE lines. You can see large gains over the entire RPM range and with the extended rev limiter, you’ll have less shifts at the track.

GREEN = Stage 1 Updated (88whp / 79wtq)
BLUE = Stage 1 (82whp / 74wtq)
RED = Stock (79whp / 68wtq)

You can see Stage 2 exceeds the gains from Stage 1 across the entire RPM range
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Great to know @jpaton. An akra titanium header system just landed in my lap. Smiles Davis recently totaled her 2015 and has moved up to a 2023. We swapped the headers out for her stock. I'm looking forward to installing it.
You will love it. Mine is not Titanium, and I wish it was.
Please update with your results.
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@jpaton I already have the header mods … what is .. and where can I get the “Bren-tune” ? Is this a franchise thing or just one guy …?
You can buy it directly from Bren-Tune:

I constantly travel N. America, and do not own a P.C. (Went MAC 5-years ago), so uploading the new maps from Bren would be a hassle. When I was in Eugene, OR. I went to the local BMW dealer, who is also an authorized dealer for Bren, and just had them do the install while there for other service. Give Bren a call. I have found them to be very helpful.

stay up on 2…
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BTW: I forgot to mention, they also can safely increase the rev-limiter (which I kept hitting). This has proven to also be a big deal.
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10-15% gain is more than I expected.

While I love the way mine looks after all the $$ I've spent in "mods" I'm leaning towards trading in next year depending on how much the r9t is worth. Right now the front runner is the M 1000 R since Ducati jacked up the price of the 2023 Streetfighter V4/V4S.
Yeah, I get it.
I stopped adding up all the $ I have spent on mods. Because I don’t want to know.
I think the Ducati’s are amazing bikes (had a 2012 1100 Monster EVO), and the newer ones seem to be easier to live with. I could not live with how “finicky “ mine was. But, I sure liked the way she rode.
If you need the HP, I guess you will have to look at something else.
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I agree @jpaton Ducati is an amazing bike and among the most beautiful designs ever made in motorcycles … BUT to hear all the negative comments about maintenance, upkeep, tuning and tightening …. That was my experience too…. like a “beautiful” night mare. My major move into Boxers and BMW was completely about upkeep and tuning. Compared to other machines it’s almost nothing. Seven flawless years later (2015 Classic) and going strong … I bough the right bike for me and my needs ……. At my age .. this is my last. It seems as though I get weaker and the bike gets stronger … one day she’ll win and I’ll go out in a giant fire ball .. yeehaw !!!
……………….. every time I push the button she rallies and comes to life pulling me along with Her for the ride of a lifetime ..and what a ride it is ….
Bless you Blitz !
Jpaton ……. So Bren is re-map fuel program. Since I have an older model 9T with out all the “fly by wire” is that map going to improve my ride … this machine has ABS and that’s it ….. old-school sort-of ……
Look at their web site and then give them a call. I think they have a tune for your bike, and it will be worth it!

Stay up on 2!
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Did you change your differentials?

Bren Tune is on my list after rear suspension and exhaust.
Change differentials?
Why would I do that?
Was told by a superbike instructor that has done a Bren Tune to do so...he's pretty good so I trust the advice. He's hitting 150's
I think your instructor is focused on “top end” speed vs. how the bike runs and performs.
I (personally) do not need to go 150 anymore.
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Fit Akra Ti headers, schwabenmax fast throttle kit, and most importantly, lightweight forged alloy (ACS) or carbon wheels and the bike will feel like it has way more than 20 more HP and the wheels will, additionally, make the bike far more agile and quick steering. I bought a Ducati 848 Evo Corse SE track bike and am amazed how agile and quick steering my 9T feels in comparison.
Which wheels did you get?
I got AC Schnitzers. Wheels are 4kg lighter than stock spoked, and add another nearly 2kg for the tubes. Made an insane difference to the bike - I couldn't go back.

View attachment 160495
Those wheels are absolutely beautiful!
But, Holy sh#*t! $2,000?
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