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Akrapovic Exhaust for the NineT

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Yes I know the BMW NineT hasn't been released yet but a couple of recent spy shots point to Arkrapovic testing new pieces in conjunction with BMW.

The double stack pipes here are most likely the stock equipment

while this one has a single pipe which looks like an Arkrapovic Silencer.

Also notice how the second picture of the NineT has kept the Concept Ninety's single seat while the other has a more traditional seat with back rack...

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Interesting enough there is no markings or even a badge for the pipe but with the shape of the canisters it's not hard to recognize the Akra pipe. the guys who took the shots should have got a video of it running. Such a tease, since it's a horizontially opposed boxer I can only imagine the grunt it will give off.
It should sound amazing, especially with the akra exhaust. Would you be able to hunt down any examples of what it may sound like?
really, you're not a fan of the bikini the Concept 90 is wearing?

If NineT shows up from factory with a bikini would you remove it?
I wouldn't, I love the look, it just seems to sit well here on the Nine T concept. But a full faring might also make it look better, I'll have to see i rendered on.
regardless of whichever exhaust that ends up with this boxer it ain't going to be loud as you guys think. These engine weren't known to be loud but has a distinct sound. So adding a exhuast would just give it a more pronouned boxer sound.
I actually wouldn't mind that, sometimes making a bike louder makes it annoying, even to the rider. It's going to be interesting to hear what it sounds like with the various exhaust systems to come out for it.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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