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I can vouch for the ignition cover. Expensive but worth the investment as it cleans up one of the more rider viewable areas of the bike.

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I agree completely I will get that part as well. But other wais I am not a lover of Carbon fiber, at least not for the 9T. I love the Alu however.

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Finished my 'final' mods today. So far the list is:

  • Rizoma front fender in black
  • Rizoma petrol cap in black
  • Rizoma swingarm plug
  • Rizoma left and right side frame plugs
  • Rizoma Reverse Retro bar end mirrors
  • Rizoma B-Pro bar end mirror 7/8" adapter in black
  • Rizoma bar end adapter BMW R Nine T
  • BMW Option 719 Storm lever set
  • BMW Option 719 Storm reservoir caps
  • BMW Option 719 Storm rearset
  • BMW Option 719 Storm passenger footpegs
  • BMW Roland Sands engine cover
  • BMW Roland Sands handlebar riser clamp
  • BMW carbon cover for Intake snorkle
  • BMW carbon trim for throttle Body
  • BMW cylinder head covers in black
  • BMW machined oil filler neck lid
  • Ohlins FGRT 227 front forks
  • Ohlins BM650 rear suspension
  • Ohlins SD044 steering damper
  • Puig rear tyre hugger
  • Baak Motorcyclette leather square patterned seat in black
  • Daedalus Design tail tidy
  • Weiser Extreme 2-in-1 LED driving light/turn signal
  • Weiser Extreme 2-in-1 LED Brake Light/Turn Signal
  • Wunderlich rear tail bag
  • Wunderlich air box protective covers
  • Motodemic adaptive LED headlight
  • Evotech oil cooler guard
  • CSS Tank Pads
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Ohhhh yeahhh . I love this black ohlins front fork .But.... so expensive!

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Awesome, thanks for the quick reply as I've been itching badly to replace the stock bench. Unfortunate about the air box cover. I got their brushed aluminum high front fender, it is definitely quality & no additional mods...bolted right on. I was super impressed with their customer support on the fender and multiple emails regarding the seat so far so I feel better about moving forward with the seat. So happy to have a 2019-er confirm fitment. Thanks!
And it has arrived. Very close in color to the OEM bench but it definitely upgraded the look of the whole bike.

IMG_20191211_091821.jpg IMG_20191211_091813.jpg
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