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Andy Baffle Culture Build

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Hi guys,

Can I just say how excited I am to finally post on this owners forum having used many conversations to make some quite big decisions around my BMW build.

I started an Instagram page a couple of years ago to share general builds and inspiration I was coming across on a daily basis (Baffle Culture). This has grown from strength to strength and we're now a local motorcycle club in Cardiff with ride outs and various events on the horizon.

I'm taking my recently purchased 2016 R9T and giving it a makeover using some of the best aftermarket parts available and sharing this journey on our Instagram page. It's been a great opportunity to connect with these companies to produce something unique and special.

Would love to hear your thoughts on what we've done and decided on so far with also recommendations on further decisions to be made.

Thanks guys,


ps. Not able to add links or images as this is my first post. Please check out the build update on our Insta page 'Baffle Culture'. I'll post images as soon as I'm allowed on here.
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Hi and welcome to the forum.
Sounds like you are already well on your way!
Look forward to reading all about it.
Hey welcome aboard, mate. Sounds like a nice setup you have down there in Wales! Once you can link it'll be interesting to see what's what. :)
Looking forward for photos Andy. Welcome here.
Welcome to the forum! Now following Baffle Culture on Insta! My Instagram feed seems to be all tattooed lingerie models and motorcycle groups. :wavetowel2:
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