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Hi everybody!
After dreaming and wishing and drooling ever since I saw my first Nine T a few years ago, I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a beautiful, lightly used scrambler option 719. The deal isn't done yet but I'm confident I'll be riding it by week's end.
This will be my 4th boxer and 6th BMW along with a myriad of other brands and styles, though the others were mostly asphalt only machines.. I currently have a K1600GTL but it's my only bike right now which means I have room for the scrambler in the garage.
I hope to see a few of you here and there and am anxious to share "there I was" stories and tips and tricks for maximum fun on these wonderful bikes.
I'm excited to see pics and get some wonderful ideas on accessorizing and riding techniques.
Oh yes. I almost forgot. I'm in New Mexico, USA. Cheers!
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Thanks to all of you who posted welcomes. It's encouraging to hear from so many people. This is an active and lively forum which means lots of ideas are exchanged here. I love it. Well, things went far faster and moderately better than I thought they would. I went to the shop (it's a consignment shop, not a dealer) to make an offer and have them hold it for me while we negotiated a price. Negotiations went well and I came prepared just in case, so 15 minutes later, I took possession. I got a 2019 R NineT Option 719 Scrambler with 628 miles on it. It looks new still. I looked up the NADA value on it a couple of days ago and came in well under that cost so I feel like I'm getting a good deal. The firewall here at work isn't going to let me post pics, so I'll have to get them posted next time I sit down for a few minutes. I'm excited to spend some serious time on this gorgeous machine and get to know all of the enthusiasts here. Happy trails
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I realized I have a phone that does internet things and no firewall. Pics for your pleasure...
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Thanks. I think I'm going to love it.
Congratulations, looks beautiful 馃槏
I鈥檓 obsessed with my R9T
Thanks. I'm really enjoying this little machine. I get a fair bit of offroad riding in and will do a bunch more in warmer weather. I've been posting some of my more adventurous rides here and will add more pics and videos as I learn how to film and process. The scrambler has really opened up a bunch of new riding for me here.
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