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Alrighty now, I'm still on the wire about this whole bike of the month thing, I mean you folks have some of the prettiest rides I have ever seen and are a constant source of inspiration to Bean and me.
However, I admit to being a total attention hog, and even if we don't win we still are winners...that and this is another good place to grab some of that attention... :ROFLMAO:
Wheel Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light

So here we go, here is the short list of add-ons Bean has acquired. With the links to where I bought them and the hideous total cost, (some of it was well worth it, some not so much) There are some other things that we have like the hand guards, Puig foot pegs, the Unit Garage seat, and such but since this list just keeps getting bigger I thought this will be a good starting list, that and I am too lazy to go out and catalog all the goodies on Bean that make her the great bike she is.
Going on one year old now and 15,000 miles later I must admit that I continue to stretch the boundaries of what and where Bean and I go. I push the limits most every time I head out and now understand some of those limits. Thing is, I have not let those limits limit me and I believe that is exactly how it should be.

So now for the pictures, damn just read the fine print about only three allowed. Guess I will pick the three states of Bean, (showing off, get-out-of-town rig, and hard-ass gear).

Tire Wheel Cloud Sky Plant
Tire Wheel Sky Vehicle Ecoregion

I'm a bit embarrassed because so many of you wonderful people have put so much more into your rides and all I do is ride the snot out of her, but there you have it.

Kind regards,
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