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For the last 15+ years I used a wooden-bead seat cover – you know the kind taxi drivers often have. Motorcycle Cruiser aeons ago did a comparo, from which the beads and the airhawk emerged as winners if I remember correctly.

Cut to 2017 when I got my Scrambler. All of a sudden, the black beads looked a bit odd – no wonder, on a tan seat. Heading over to amazon and ebay, I found a beige/tan/brown car seat cover, and on youtube the directions on how the make this thing smaller and matching the seat shape (very easy, coming up in installment #113 - hang on.)

Last weekend I re-shaped the beaded car-seat cover into a Scrambler seat-cover.

Four issues:
1) the bead colour sucks. Big time. The poor bike looks like a prothesis had been laid out on the seat to dry.
2) Four straps won’t do it, six should work much better.
3) Different beads feel different to my bum. While the tan ones shown are oblong, my black seat-cover – re-installed this morning – has round beads: much better. YBMV though.
4) Finally, in case you weren't sure: the bead colour stinks. But they are lacquered not stained, so changing the colour is not an option.

Back to the web, trying to find a beaded seat cover in exactly BMW-Scrambler-seat-brown. Yeah right. That’s going to happen anytime soon. I’ll keep y’all posted. If you find a solution, please let me know.


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