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bike show Nec Birmingham

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Hi all
The bike show Sunday 23 nov
Anyone going..?
Plan to get a few close pics of r9t
To put up on forum.
Pics to follow soon.
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Hi all
Whats easy way to post pics from phone to site?

Managed to save pic from phone
Upload to site and phone phone won't put up.
Try latter when I get home on tab or computer
Thanks for tips.
pic nec r9t

Bike show pic.
Not sure why its upside down,came from phone to email.
Turn computer upside down and it will be fine.


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Hi bose
I sent from phone to a apple ipad and then to a tab.
Was right way up when I sent.strange.
Hi bose
I sat on the bike and thought ,
Smaller than a r1200r.
Felt nice,like the taper bars.
Looks great from all sides.
Tank smaller and gives impression of being longer than r1200r
Not sure on the tubes in tyres.
Forks and headlight look awsome
Seat hump is great option changes overall appearance.
Bike will look better out in open road.
Should be a good package overall,
Hi clearwater
Thanks I have several eye candy shots to go up.
I try with computer tonight.

Hi mikeo
The seat , I did not notice as my other bikes have rock hard seats or hard type race foam 25 mm thick.i would of noticed if it was uncomfortable though.
More concerned about it not being to sit up and beg .
Be nice to sit on out of a stand.
The stands tend to make them a little nose high.
The bike looks great from behind with hump on.
side yview r9t

pic of akro


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side of bike without hump

pic of bike no hump


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close up

close up


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rear of bike


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headlight bling


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top of bike

top of bike


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hi all
sorted my computer at last with the pic thing,
thats enough to tease us for a month or two.
the pics does not do the bike justice really.
cheers piston
tank badge

ok just one more then ....


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pics confusion

Hi all
The air intake is on the right side as you sit on bike, pics from phone to computer came out sideways and upside had to turn around and resize and post.modern technology .
The indicators on the bikes are the old type or the latest led type.i will choose the old type as the
led type are fragile .two of mine have broke of my my lad caught it walking past the other was when bike parked up, came back and rear was hanging down..whaaaa
So the fatter old type for me.suit bike more and robustness.
As for the mirrors , em not nice lets bike down, miner issue.
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