In perfect condition, used for less than 1000km. Selling it because I sold the bike.

It's half price to sell fast.

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The basic length of the strut is 370 mm.
The original strut of the R9T Classic / Pure / Racer / nine T/5 has 370 mm.
The R9T Scrambler and the R9T G/S have a 375 mm long shock absorber.
With this damper you don't lose any travel due to the built-in height adjustment (this is not always the case with other suppliers).
A height adjustment of 15 mm on the shock absorber has an effect on the rear height with a lever ratio of 2.86 times. This makes the motorcycle easier to handle and increases the freedom from leaning. Theoretically the straight-line stability suffers. In practice, however, you can't feel it, as extensive tests have proven.
If you set the shock to 385 mm, this results in a clearly visible increase of the rear, which is really good for a nice Scrambler look.
This shock absorber is based on a completely new technology in the motorcycle sector. The rebound and compression stages are in one housing, without an external reservoir.