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BMW alarm / security?

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I asked my & Melbourne dealer for a quote (they can't or wont say yet, because the 9T list wasn't in their computer yet) - so we based it on the new 2013/14 R1200R.

AUS$ 450 plus approx. AUS$120 for installation.

So I ask the guy about which options the (super)BMW alarm system offers - for all THAT money:

- motion sensor? yep
- shrill alarm sound? yep
- immobilizer? nope (already exists via chip in bike key)
- remote on/off? nope
- GPS locator? nope
- SMS message to mobile phone in case of alarm trigger? nope

... nah mate, he says, it's NOT THAT SOPHISTICATED !!!!


Best motorcycle alarm systems as per NetRider, etc, (Scorpion, ...) cost around AUS$160 - AUS$250. With some tinkering and installation I should be able to get a top-of-the-range alarm system for around $350, doing way more than BMW's ....

Maybe I'm a bit too paranoid about keeping my bike ... after all, we're in Tassie. Any suggestions?
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@gerry re: dolomite/alps, some of the best riding I've ever experienced.
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