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BMW R nineT. Pure Lifestyle.

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Just in case it hasn't been obvious to some, BMW is trying to make Lifestyle a big focus on the NineT.
From their website:

Pure passion, pure design, pure riding pleasure. This is what makes the BMW R nineT so essential for the classic enthusiast. Modify, ride, have fun. The nineT leaves nothing to be desired with regard to customization. Design your motorcycle, design your life. One name, one purist lifestyle:
BMW R nineT
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I don't mind sporting the BMW logo, but their gear is just so 'weltfremd', not really friendly/cool/inviting ... our BMWMCCVIV had a guest speaker some time ago, a self styled BMW-clubbing-head-honcho-I-take-it-on-my-knees-thanks-time-waster, who didn't mind pulling up an old guy from the audience for wearing a 'NON-official-non-approved-non-OEM-garment' with the BMW logo which he stitched on himself. The voluntary 'logo' police must enjoy having that many Fuhrers alive & kicking at every level of society! :mad::mad::mad:

... suffice to say that a country mostly populated by convict's descendants wont feel the need to submit as strongly as perhaps a more sophisticated people plagued by centuries of big-brother-management .... :D
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... Bulgaria, Romania and their compadres have some excellent tailors to fill the BMW-cool-fashion-void ....

mmwwaaahahahahahaha ! :D
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