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BMW R nineT. Pure Lifestyle.

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Just in case it hasn't been obvious to some, BMW is trying to make Lifestyle a big focus on the NineT.
From their website:

Pure passion, pure design, pure riding pleasure. This is what makes the BMW R nineT so essential for the classic enthusiast. Modify, ride, have fun. The nineT leaves nothing to be desired with regard to customization. Design your motorcycle, design your life. One name, one purist lifestyle:
BMW R nineT
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BMW have always been great marketers
i remember when the R 1200C first came out
the leather jackets.... etc
same kind of thing.... now, the added customization
i can't wait to see how it all unfolks
roland sands involvement, and others
it's going to be very exciting
They really do.
It's good enough that I actually can't wait for the accessories to come out, having them along with a NineT just seems right, without it I might feel like im missing something
i agree
we all know that BMW, while an amazing company that builds incredible machines...
has lost BILLIONS OF DOLLARS over the years by not adopting a more "HARLEYESQUE" style of aftermarket market flooding.


even DUCATI knows it can make a lot of money in the AFTERMARKET CLOTHING ARENA

just for a tiny example... BMW has always only had 2 GS t-shirts available at any one time in their catalog... THEY COULD HAVE 15 and sell EVERY SINGLE ONE THEY MAKE

currently, the make 2 polo shirts, blue and black
i ordered them at my dealer
the computer showed 3 of one and 4 of the other REMAINING IN THE WORLD TO PURCHASE. it took me 6 weeks to get them. they are $60.00+ each
that just makes no fiscal sense for BMW
hope that this aftermarket R nineT clothing push is really the start of something for BMW that will stretch across its entire motorcycle line.
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My BMW dealer is going to get my bike, but clothing is out of the question.
BMW clothing has the stupidest marketing system on the planet.

National BMW Rallies in Spokane, Redmond, and Missoula and not one stitch of BMW clothing available.

Captive brand loyal audience wanting to spend money!
If I were the marketing director, I would have sent the local dealer an entire train car load of clothing on consignment. He'd have sold the **** out of it.

As it was Aerostitch, Joe Rocket, Alpinstars and others were reaping the lack of BMW clothing.
I could not agree with you more.
Harley Davidson sells thousands of T-shirts and each one of its dealerships every single day of the year. We all know people who ride around the country and stop at every Harley-Davidson dealer and by the very same shirt just because it has the logo of a different dealership emblazoned on the back. BMW has never understood how to make extra money by selling logo gear. For such smart folks it continues to shock me while they miss the boat on helping to keep the company solvent.

At any given time a dealership might have one shirt with GS on it or one shirt with the S1000 RR on it. Who knows why.
As I remember, when the R1200 C first came out years ago they did have some lifestyle type clothing with leather jackets, etc. I don't remember how well they sold. I know the bikes didn't sell in large quantity.

Will BMW finally change its ways in this situation? It seems highly unlikely.
Even Ducati understands how to make money and logo gear.
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