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Cafe Fairing Wunderlich

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This could be a solution for a problem that might appear, Greg ;)
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i DO like that look, Marc
very nice find
thank you
let me tell you.... having to take the INTERSTATE home on that DIAVEL last night... while my GS was being worked on at the dealership was a reminder of how much i'm NOT a fan of being "IN THE WIND" at high rates of speed

i'm thrilled to be getting my R nineT
but... i'll be looking into what you have found for me here, for sure
thank you
Colder times?? He lives in freaking Clearwater Florida! What he needs is a refrigerated water mist spray from the fairing in the summer!
I have brought along a refrigerated mister before some of my summer rides
they are quite an awesome thing to own

as for the protection, it is not for cold, but for the wind
I am currently writing a borrowed to ducati diavel...
I'm bringing it back tomorrow and picking up my GS
riding it home last night... on the interstate because I had no other choice...
at one point I was traveling well above 120 and I do not care for the wind in my face.... :D

yes my new BMW will have far less horsepower than the 162 this hooligan beast possesses, but even 70 mph without a windscreen is no fun

not that I won't enjoy every mile on this cool new bike
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Speaking of Ducati's, One of my oldest car guy friends (who has sold me 3 cars over 39 years), has had many BMW bikes (he is currently a sales tech trainer for BMW USA autos). He presently has been trading around Ducati bikes over the last few years. He suggested I might try out a Multistrada, but I told him they were too **** tall. We discussed the new monster 1200, but when I told him I ordered a NineT, he just went...ooooooooh! He asked "how did you score that?"
that is cool the way he put that, isn't it?
Something interesting happened to me yesterday. You can recall by reading above in this thread that I had to ride a loaner DUCATI DIAVEL while my 2014 GS was being repaired at the dealership. I complained about being out in the wind and expressed some concern about how I would feel riding the R nineT in the same way.

Well, I think this must evolve based on being in a bad mood because of how angry I was to have to take my brand-new bike back in to be looked at. My point is that yesterday I was able to spend 40 miles on the DIAVEL on a Saturday, when it was cold outside, when there was very little traffic. Also, riding home from the dealer I had not putting earplugs which is a huge mistake on that bike... Yesterday, I wore earplugs and I enjoyed the ride very much. The fairing shown above in this thread is beautiful and maybe it can be adapted for our new bike but I've reconsidered my thoughts about being out the wind and I'm looking forward to riding in that way on this new BMW
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I have converted three full fairing, low bar (clip ons) bikes to standards. I keep considering removing the small fairing from my Tuono, but it causes very little turbulence, and relocating all the stuff and wiring concealed behind a fairing is a huge amount of work, better left to the manufacturer.

So I won't be adding any fairing to my nineT. Clean air is much more comfortable than turbulence, even at 75 mph. Don't do much cruising anymore at over 100 (not my age).
the only thing i don't like is the BUGS.... all over my jacket, and the rocks kicked up from cars ahead.
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