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Coloring of the exhaust manifolds

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Can anyone give an explanation of why certain exhaust manifolds slowly become all golden shades like mine and certain others remain with the original chrome tone in the area under the bike? depends on what ? my motorbike is new, it has 5000km.
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Of course, I perfectly understand that this phenomenon of alteration of the color tone is basically due to the heat.. but my question was: why to me yes and not to many users with many more kilometers travelled?!?
example: three different r ninet with different km each and mine has a golden exhaust ... mystery
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It absolutely isn't just yours with exhaust that has color changes. Mine has very similar coloration.

Exhaust heat is going to be a factor of many things including the ambient temperature, how hard and how long your rides are etc. It isn't something to worry about or obsess over really unless the color changes bother you.
I'm not worried, I was just wondering why the ninet that have much more kilometers than mine keep a nice chrome over time!
1 - 4 of 12 Posts