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Custom Number Plates?

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I have been mulling over a variety of personalisation options. Number plates came into consideration. It's a bit naff but - hey who cares. We have the option for to personalise our plates with up to 5 number/letter combinations.

A search shows me the obvious are unavailable because others got in before me so I'm not the only idle daydreamer.

GONE are R90, R9T, NINET, BMW90,BMW9T, and permutations thereof ....

In frustration I have reserved BXR90 to acknowledge 90 years of boxer BMW's and include the model # R90. Any other bright ideas out there.

Remember combo letters and numbers = maximum 5

A hint - our motor registry can decline naughty words or suggestions.:eek
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What would you choose?

If you could, what number plate would you like within those parameters?

Here the cost depends on what combinations of letters &/or numbers you have. I imagine it's the same wherever you can customise.

I would hesitate to put my year of birth on my plates.

I'm curious. FL9T ?
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